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Lighting and Visual Control Solutions

Chromateq™ is a Dynamic and Innovative company which conceives and develops Professional DMX Lighting and Video Control systems. The adaptability and notable Performance capability of our software and hardware makes them suitable for all lighting installers and lighting designers especially those working in the Show, stage lighting, Entertainment or Architectural industries.



For Video and LED mapping. PIXXEM is very easy to operate and can create all kind of matrix configuration to display amazing video and graphic effects on LED pixel lightings.



Pro DMX is recommended for advanced users, the software is for Live performances, stage lighting, architectural and sound to light shows. It includes an accurate Light, video and audio timeline synchronization and efficient real time live controls and Live commands.

LED Player


LED Player is without precedent when it comes to its Super User-Friendly mode and its stand alone mode. This software is perfect for any architectural projects and its advanced features enable also easy live control for DJs, rental or installs.

CQSA 512/1024


Keep a permanent control on your installations! CQSA can run 512 or 1024 channels on 1 or 5 zones (Stand Alone). It has a Time Clock and allows you to take over the scenes at any time thanks to its push Led buttons.


DIN 1024


Easily mounted in a DIN electric cabinet. 2x512 Stand Alone DMX Channels, 15 dry contacts and built in Time Clock. It can play black a show without computer in standalone. Ideal for indoor projects and installations.


CLUB 1024


For more demanding projects. With Pro DMX, it gives 30 minutes of timeline (Light, Audio, Video synchro).The USB interface has 2 independents DMX in/out ports and is also Art-Net compatible the RJ45 Ethernet port of your computer.

10 reasons to choose Chromateq™

• The Guaranty that you are receiving the best prices
• The confidence that gradually builds up when working with reliable and economical solutions
• Our technical support for MAC and PC
• The quality of our software which has passed a long period of testing stages
• A quality DMX Dongle that includes multiple security protections and has been assembled with original RoHS and CE certified components
• Our impeccable international technical support
• Our 36-month product warranty
• Our attention to customer needs which involves being constantly available to listen to your inquiries and issues and respond with prompt concrete solutions
• Our strong worldwide sales network
• Possible customization of our products based on your requirements and needs (OEM and ODM)

100% Free Software Download
All our Lighting Management Software are Free and require a Chromateq™ Device or Interface to transform your computer into an impressively adaptable and effective DMX Controller.

MAC OS, WINDOWS and Linux compatibility
Thanks to Chromateq’s experience and knowledge, all the Software and DMX dongle are Windows, Mac Os and Linux compatible and will largely replace a traditional DMX 512 lighting desk.

OEM possibilities with customer logo
Chromateq is equally proficient in providing numerous OEM possibilities for lighting Manufacturers and Distributors with their own brand and logo. We can quickly personalize and customized our software and DMX interfaces to correspond with our customer’s image and needs.

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Latest News

Follow the News of Chromateq™ to know all the innovations in the professional Lighting industry:


03/2021 - New software for Linux on Raspberry

Chromateq announces the release of its LED Player and Pro DMX software for Linux on Raspberry Pi3 and Pi4. The Raspberry versions of our software open the possibility to take advantage of the popular micro computer known for its affordability, open design and modularity. With numerous peripheral options, I/O is where Raspberry Pi excels: USB, HDMI, Ethernet, MicroSD, visible light or infrared sensors, MIDI converters and many others.

Chromateq's LED Player and Pro DMX software are fully compatible, with the latter enabling audio and video timeline synchronization. Chromateq will continue to develop solutions that bring the world of DMX and Art-Net to this versatile platform that offers reliability and easy integration in a tiny form factor.


02/2021 - Rhythm of Light at Absolute Cycle

A boutique exercise chain turns a workout into a club experience

Launched in 2016, Absolute Cycle has become Asia's leading rhythm cycling studio, featuring venues with sound and lighting systems designed to make working pedals as much fun as working a dance floor.

For its latest system upgrade, Absolute turned to Stephen Tan, owner of local AV system provider All About Visual (AAV) and long-established presence in Singapore’s event production scene.

To achieve the latest round of upgrades to Absolute’s four Singapore-based studios, AAV chose French lighting software experts Chromateq to create fresh control solutions...

Complete online article (http)
Downlod the complete article (PDF)


01/2021 - New Firmware for CQSA-E 1024

New CQSA-E 1024 firmware fixes and updates

Art-Net when running in Stand Alone from an SD card
Important new CQSA-E features that cost-effectively deliver all the functionality of an Art-Net Recorder:
When powering on, the CQSA-E will automatically play saved shows in memory on the SD card, while also looking for Art-Net signals, which allows it to function effectively as a stand alone device, unaffected by cycling power on and off - In Stand Alone mode, will control up to 8 DMX universes when playing back Art-Net shows saved on the SD card, no computer needed
All triggers (buttons, contacts, infrared, clock) are working for Art-Net shows in Stand Alone mode

Art-Net NODE (Art-Net-to-DMX decoder and converter)
Improved CQSA-E 1024 Art-Net network configuration in Stand Alone and NODE mode: Define IP address, Subnet mask, and Universes to assign IP, subnet and universe to the CQSA-E 1024 for protocol compatibility

Added Master/Slave mode
Up to 64 CQSA-E 1024 devices may be combined and synchronized, controlling up to 128 universes.

The new modes are available with the firmware version



The new DMX Device Tool program makes it easy to upload firmware updates, product upgrades and default operating settings over USB to the CQSA-E and other interfaces.

With this small multifunctional utility App for Windows and Mac OS, you can configure your CQSA-E and other interfaces by USB directly.

• Firmware Update or downgrade
• Upgrade products to higher versions in order to unlock additional software options
• Assign the default IP address, subnet, device name and DHCP mode
• Configure the Art-Net node’s name, default subnet and default universe
• Set the built-in clock date and time for stand alone interfaces


08/2020 - Art-Net, sACN and NODE

Pixxem can now use the sACN protocol as well as Art-Net for a maximum of 255 universes.
The latest September release will offer you this new option for Windows and Mac OS.

Art-Net and sACN protocols are also included in the new CQSA-E 1024 and can run in Stand Alone mode and playback over Ethernet without a computer. Art-Net and sACN shows are saved on the SD card as well as DMX512 and the CQSA-E can use all its trigger options- buttons, dry contacts, DMX Input, infrared and the internal clock to start and stop sequences. In the latest September firmware, the CQSA-E can also be used as an Art-Net Node for 2 DMX universes, outputting 1024 DMX channels. A small software tool allows to you quickly and easily set up the IP address and ports from Windows or Mac OS.

The new CQSA-E 1024 is now a very powerful 5 in 1 product (DMX, Stand Alone, Art-Net, sACN and Node) and will be an essential tool for all your lighting projects, performances and installations.


07/2020 - WI-LIGHT 2 for iOS

Chromateq has completely overhauled the Wi-Light APP with the Wi-Light 2 to give better control of our software and the new CQSA-E. Wi-Light 2 App is an advanced and easy Wi-Fi remote control for your mobile allowing you to instantly take control of your lights, play scenes saved on Chromateq devices and play shows from the Chromateq software.
Available on Google and Apple store the application is much faster, manages 5 zones, has easy controls, can adjust the time and date of the CQSA-E and play the Chromateq software’s audio timeline.
With a new easy user friendly interface and dark skin colour, users will enjoy its automatic reconnection with the devices and the possibility to personalise each button and zone. Wi-Light 2 is free, works with the CQSA-E 1024 via a Wi-Fi router and will include more features in upcoming releases.
For each installation, you have an advanced remote control App on your mobile device.
App Store :
Google Play :


06/2020 - WI LIGHT 2 new APP

A new application WI-Light is available on Android to replace the old wi-Light 2018. Faster, stronger, better. You can manage 5 Zones (Play scenes, programs, sequences, RGBW colours, Live), controls channels manually, trigger the software timeline, personify your buttons.
The Apple iOS version will be available very soon.


05/2020 - 10th anniversary

For our 10 years as a world-renowned lighting controller manufacturer, we have changed and modernized our logo.
We are also launching a new TCP/IP stand-alone DMX interface.

Many other hardware, software and new promotions will be presented to you over the next few years to come.

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