Lighting control software with advanced features for pro users, designed for live performances, stage lighting, sound-to-light shows and sophisticated architectural installations. Pro DMX is a multimedia platform that delivers accurate lighting, video and audio timeline synchronization, along with an extensive array of realtime live commands and controls.

Control Features

  • Instant realtime control of all fixtures in Live mode
  • Auto-generates multiple DMX Effects based on fixture profiles
  • Scene Fading tool with automatic and customizable fade settings
  • Global Effects can be applied instantly to different type of fixtures
  • Customizable control sliders with selective fixture management
  • Edit Scenes in realtime whether DMX is “On” or “Off”
  • Multiple tabs for creating and organizing scene buttons
  • Multiple tabs for creating and organizing fixture groups
  • Play multiple sequences, programs and channels simultaneously

Multimedia Features

  • Video and Audio Player included
  • Audio and Video Timeline for sound-to-light synchronization
  • Triggers and software control via Keyboard, MIDI and DMX
  • Audio Source Analysis synchs light shows with the musical beat
  • Audio Triggers on channels, scenes and effects
  • Can play GIF and AVI animations on the LED Matrix
  • Video Timeline displays AVI, JPG, BMP, and PNG files

Audio & Video Timeline

Accurately synchronize light sequences with audio and video files

  • 30 minutes synched show with Club 1024, DIN, SLIM & CQSA
  • 24 hours synched show with ProNet, Pixxem 128 and Pixxem 255

Efficiently organizes and displays multimedia in horizontal Lines

  • Multimedia Lines display wave form of the audio signal
  • Filters & displays wave form by frequency in Mono & Stereo

Create unlimited number of Lines and easily populate with media:

  • Load multimedia file
  • Add markers
  • While holding SHIFT key…
  • Drop Scene buttons into the Lines
  • Adjust duration of each block

Highly customizable live control button layout provides a user-configurable interface that is useful for interactive permanent installations as well as live events and shows. Pro DMX delivers all the functionality required to replace a standard DMX lighting console.

Auto Generate Effects

  • Pro DMX analyzes the fixture profiles in a new project and automatically generates a variety of DMX effects
  • Instantly created Pan/Tilt, RGBW, Dimmer and Shutter effects buttons enable the user to quickly begin programming a show
  • Auto-generated effects are global and can be applied to various fixture selections and groups based on the fixture profile

Take Control Immediately

Select the fixtures (or call up a fixture group with a keyboard shortcut or MIDI). Choose the DMX values from the Preset or Channel controls. Fixtures will respond instantly as values are immediately applied

Edit and create new Scene and Effect buttons with a few clicks,
even while a light show is playing in Live mode

Create multiple tab access

Arrange sequences and triggers for scene buttons and fixture groups, then use the multiple tab feature to achieve faster live operator response speed by customizing and optimizing the layout of multiple fixture groups.

Timeline tools for synchronizing audio, video and lighting. Plays a wide variety of media formats. Easy programming of sound-to-light shows.  Pro DMX provides all the advanced features lighting pros need to take control of their performances in real time.

Auto/Manual Fade For Scenes

Powerful tool to create accurate fades between several scenes or sequences. Play a fade automatically or simply manually fade with complete control of fade duration. Manage Static and Dynamic Fade, Fade In, Fade Out, and Delay time.

versatile Profile Editor

In addition to the pre-built library of more than 7,000 fixture profiles, Pro DMX includes a complete Profile Editor for easily creating new profiles that quickly and automatically make new effects available based on the fixture personality.

Support and Download

Software Brochure

Software description, features and specifications

Device Comparison Chart

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Software download page

USB drivers are included in the installation package.

Product pictures

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Fixture Profiles

Current fixture personality library (collection of fixture profiles included with the latest software release)

Win7 USB Drivers

Old USB drivers for Windows 7
Requires a manual installation