Products & Packages

Lighting control hardware designed to integrate logically and flawlessly with Chromateq software and mobile apps.

  • DMX interfaces that perform both as connected peripherals and stand alone control devices that save programmed light shows to internal memory or microSD memory cards.
  • Controllers that not only send, receive, merge, split and record DMX signals, but also process triggers from RS232, Infrared, Dry contacts, calendar events, and more.
  • Master/Slave modes enable easily scalable configurations of multiple controllers.
  • Several models feature Art-Net to DMX decoding and Art-Net recording, and most recently, stand alone
  • Ethernet/LAN/WLAN connectivity.

CLUB 128 / 512

Our professional package for entry-level budgets and users seeking an easy-to-operate DMX control system.

Attractively-priced for tight budgets, small projects, DMX system testing and promotional packages.

Newly designed aluminium housing with beautiful finish and updated electronics that work with all the latest 2022
Chromateq software (as well as older versions of LED Player and Pro DMX).

Capable of 3 trigger options and equipped with DC 5-18V input this USB to DMX controller includes an infrared
remote control and USB 5V power supply in the package. It is the perfect hardware for easy integration projects.


CLUB-E 1024

Ideal for advanced users, experienced lighting professionals and demanding projects, CLUB-E excels at live show control, audio and video timeline synchronization, and precise sound to light automation, using the suite of Chromateq software that transforms any computer into a powerful lighting control console.

Newly designed aluminium housing with beautiful brushed anodized finish and updated electronics that work with all the latest 2022 Chromateq software (as well as older versions of LED Player and Pro DMX).



PRONET-E is designed for demanding projects requiring a large number of DMX/Art-Net channels. The softwares offer up to 24-hour Audio and Video Timeline synchronization, Midi Time Code, PC Clock triggers, and Live Timeline Record (on the fly).

PIXXEM-E 255 is designed for Live projects in Art-Net or DVI with pixel mapping, LED matrices and video screens. When connected to a computer, it enables control of Art-Net universes via the computer’s ethernet network port.

Newly designed aluminium housing with beautiful brushed anodized finish and updated electronics that work with all the latest 2022 Chromateq software.


CQSA-E 1024 / PRO

Our new CQSA-E includes an Ethernet port in addition to the USB port. This gives long distance access and communication with the device anywhere on a Local network (LAN & WLAN) or on the Internet (via Web server). Connected to an access point or a router you have easy control with a mobile or tablet using the Wi-Light 2 APP.
Same hardware features as the CQSA 1024 with ETHERNET port for Local Area Network.

A 6-in-1 multiprotocol Stand Alone device featuring DMX playback, DMX In/Out, Art-Net Out, sACN Out, Node (Art-Net to DMX decoder), and Splitter, the CQSA-E is a versatile and essential tool designed to meet the needs of the widest array of lighting projects, Live performances and installations.


CQSA 512 / 1024

Thanks to its powerful Stand Alone mode, the CQSA is the definitively perfect DMX controller for all type of entertainment and architectural projects. It can play 1 to 5 Zones (scene) at a time without a computer. Hardware is compatible with LED Player, Pro DMX and Studio DMX software, so the interface is suitable for all Live applications and fixed installations.

The interface can play black a complete project without PC and the new additional SD card slot gives the possibility to extend the memory capacity. The Splitter mode can make your installation more reliable and the USB interface offer more triggering possibilities.

Users can customize the interface functions and modes, it is possible to choose what mode to activate or not in Stand alone from any of the available modes (Trigger, Page, Zone, Color, Dimmer, Speed) and load the modes of your choice in memory.


TOUCH 512 / 1024

Easy Tactile Glass Panel.
The new TOUCH DMX Lighting control interface comes with a sleek design and visually intuitive multifunction touch-sensitive surface for all your indoor installations.

Available in two versions, 512 or 1024 channels (2x512). The TOUCH interface Controls up to two universes across five zones with the TOUCH 1024 or control one split universe with five pages of scene memory with the TOUCH 512. Both models offer instant playback of up to forty custom programmed scenes.

Up to 200 scene memory using Global Scene option with TOUCH 1024 in page mode or up to 40 scenes by grouping zones.


DIN-E 512 / 1024 / 2048

DIN-E is the ideal DMX stand alone interface for installation in electrical DIN cabinets with DIN RAILS.
The USB to DMX stand alone Ethernet DMX device can control from 512 to 2048 channels on 1, 2 or 4 DMX universes.
Featuring a robust Stand Alone mode and a wide range of trigger possibilities (RS232, Contacts, Clock, NODE x4 ports, Master/Slave on LAN), this competent device is a smart solution for easy and quick architectural installations and large integration projects.


SLIM 512 / 1024

SLIM stand Alone interface is the ideal DMX512 control software package for all indoor installations and projects. It can be easily wall mounted on any surface. On the front side, mechanical switch buttons and the LED Display use some nice LED with deep Blue color. All connection are inside the housing and it can fit to Europe and US wall plug standards.

The offer includes an Interface with 512 or 1024 Stand Alone DMX Channels that can playblack a show without a computer. It includes a powerful Stand Alone mode to run scenes without a computer use and trigger scenes scheduled by time or calendar. The interface is compatible Windows and Mac Os X systems and has the CE certification.