Lighting Control Software & App

Chromateq has been developing lighting control software and applications for Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Raspberry, Android and iOS platforms since 2010.

  • Software designed for user-friendly operation, powerful functionality, and reliable performance
  • All software and apps are always free to download and explore.
  • Add a Chromateq hardware interface to enable live control and stand alone device programming.


LED Player was created to be easily learned, even by those with little experience with DMX or professional lighting. The user interface is intuitive and mastered within minutes. LED Player combines ease-of-use with the practical ability to program and configure stand alone systems that can run without computers and deliver simply powerful solutions for a wide variety of projects.


Pro DMX is advanced software designed for lighting pros to take control of their live performances in real time. Timeline tool for synchronizing audio, video and lighting. Plays a wide variety of media formats. Easily program sound to light shows. Delivers all the functionality required to replace a standard DMX lighting console. Customizable live control button layout offers a highly configurable interface that is useful for permanent installations as well as stage shows.


The latest Chromateq software development, designed for LED matrix pixel mapping. Touchscreen interface for easy, accurate, instant control. Intuitive tool for quickly creating custom matrix configurations and pixel resolutions in 2D and 3D. Timeline for synchronizing audio, video and lighting. Adaptable to any size of pixel project, including those with multiple matrix configurations.


Studio DMX works with LED Player and Pro DMX to offer free and easy 3D lighting simulation on Windows, Mac OS and Linux platforms. The simulator displays all types of LED, beam and laser effects in real time and renders light shows based on the DMX patch from LED Player or Pro DMX software.


A powerful easy-to-use mobile app that enables remote lighting control over a WiFi connection, Wi-Light 2 plays scenes saved on Chromateq stand alone hardware devices and plays shows and audio timelines from the Chromateq software. Wi-Light 2 is faster, manages 5 zones with customizable buttons, and offers handy utilities such as remote adjustment of the time and date of the CQSA-E 1024.