UDP and Ethernet communication

The UDP SDK is a free and open source communication protocol to command the Chromateq software and CQSA-E interface from other applications and software. The Ethernet UDP protocol is available for any systems (Windows, Mas Os X, Linux, IOS, Android) and is base on the Ethernet communication. No drivers is needed.

UDP JSON Protocol

  • Easy Protocol base on Ethernet UPD communication
  • Complete list of command to play, stop scenes and command the software and hardware functions
  • Protocol for our DMX software and our Ethernet devices
  • For all systems: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOs
  • 100% free protocol
  • Wifi or Ethernet compatible


The Link includes:

  • A Project example in C++ language to start easily your software development
  • The documentation of our USB communication and protocol (.PDF and .ODT files)
  • The list of commands base on JSON Protocol (.txt)
  • A video example of JSON Communication in UDP (MP4)

The Link includes:

  • The Documentation (.PDF file)
  • Src code, DLL, libraries
  • Test tool (.EXE file)
  • USB drivers (Windows, Mac OS, Linux)