SDK - Interfaces and hardware

Our development kit includes data processing files such as DLL libraries files and concrete examples of simple C++ codes. It allows easy programming in a multitude of data processing languages. Our SDK works with all USB and Ethernet Chromateq interfaces.

C++, DLL and Code

  • SDK for PC to DMX interface communication.
  • For Windows,Mac and Linux systems.
  • DLL file that give the main communication function with the Chromateq devices.
  • Possibility to secure your DMX interfaces with 256 bytes encryption password.
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The Link includes:

  • A Project example in C++ language to start easily your software development
  • The documentation of our USB communication and protocol (.PDF and .ODT files)
  • The list of commands base on JSON Protocol (.txt)
  • A video example of JSON Communication in UDP (MP4)

The Link includes:

  • The Documentation (.PDF file)
  • Src code, DLL, libraries
  • Test tool (.EXE file)
  • USB drivers (Windows, Mac OS, Linux)