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Lighting and Visual Control Solution

Chromateq™ is a Dynamic and Innovative company which conceives and designs Professional DMX Lighting and Video Control systems for a varied range of Architectural and Spectacle lighting projects.

We supply reliable and competitive lighting command solutions for all the following industries and projects: Sound systems, discos, theaters, concerts, shows, stages, parties, nightclubs, LED installations, indoor and outdoor architectural lighting, monuments, exhibitions, shops, shopping malls, bars, performances and services.

LED Player Software


LED Player is without precedent when it comes to its User-Friendly mode. This software is perfect for any architectural projects and its advanced features enable also easy live control for DJs.

LED Player

Pro DMX Software


Pro software is for Live performances, stage lighting, architectural and sound to light shows. It includes a video and audio timeline synchronization and efficient real time live controls... Recommended for advanced users.


Studio DMX 3D view


Studio DMX is a real time 3D simulation. It is 100% compatible with Win, MAC OS and Linux systems. Super easy and powerful and an automatic Truss assembler allows to create any type of Stages quickly.

Studio DMX



Keep a permanent control on your installations! SLIM can run 512 or 1024 channels (Stand Alone). It has a Real Time Clock and allows you to take over the scenes at any time thanks to its push Led buttons.


DIN 1024 - NEW


Easily mounted in a DIN electric cabinet. 2x512 Stand Alone DMX Channels and built in Real Time Clock. It can play black a show without computer in standalone. Ideal for indoor projects and installations.


CLUB 1024


Pro DMX software compatible with 30 minutes timeline for demanding projects. This is a direct USB to DMX (x2 independant DMX lines). It is also ArtNet compatible from RJ45 port of computer network cards.

10 reasons to choose Chromateq™

• The Guaranty that you are receiving the best prices
• The confidence that gradually builds up when working with reliable and economical solutions
• Our technical support for MAC and PC
• The quality of our software which has passed a long period of testing stages
• A quality DMX Dongle that includes multiple security protections and has been assembled with original RoHS and CE certified components
• Our impeccable international technical support
• Our 36-month product warranty
• Our attention to customer needs which involves being constantly available to listen to your inquiries and issues and respond with prompt concrete solutions
• Our strong worldwide sales network
• Possible customization of our products based on your requirements and needs (OEM and ODM)

Latest News

Follow the News of Chromateq™ to know all the innovations in the professional Lighting industry:


05-2017 / CQSA 512 and 1024

Our new USB to DMX interface is available in large quantity and includes a lot of new features:
External SD Card slot, DMX Splitter mode, DMX record, DMX in command, DMX in trigger, DMX merging, x7 dry contacts, RS232 triggers, Light intensity sensor, Infra Red triggers remote, clock and calendar, Stand Alone Color mode, Scene selection Pages and Mode selection and customization.


05-2017 / Dry Contact Commands

The new firmware of DIN 1024 and CQSA can command the basic functions of the interfaces directly with their dry contacts.
It is possible to trigger and change scenes, increase or decrease the speed and the dimmer, select a zone, pause and stop scenes.
A new section is add in the Stand Alone mode of the LED Player software.
CQSA has 7 Dry contact actions and DIN 1024 has 15 Dry contact actions by default.


04-2017 / New CQSA 512

Thanks to its powerful Stand Alone mode, the new CQSA 512 is the definitively perfect DMX controller for all type of entertainment and architectural projects. It replaces now the LPSA 512.
Hardware is compatible with LED Player, Pro DMX and Studio DMX software, so interface is suitable for all Live applications and fixed installations. The interface can play black a complete project without PC and the new additional SD card slot gives the possibility to extend the memory capacity.
The Splitter mode can make your installation more reliable and the USB interfaces offer more triggering possibilities: 7 dry contacts, Infrared, RS232, Light intensity, Master/Slave, scene Buttons, etc... CQSA includes 6 different modes : Play Scene, Zone, scene Page, RGBW Colors, General Dimmer and scene Speed.
Users can customize the interface functions and load the modes of their choice in memory from any of the available modes.
CQSA 512 is available right now for immediate orders and CQSA 1024 will be available in April/May.


01/2017 / New DIN 1024

The new DIN 1024 is replacing the previous LPSA-DIN interface, it gives more trigger options, more output channels and comes with a new USB driver. Here are all the new features:
- 9 to 36 V DC input
- 2x512 to 1024 in/out DMX channels in Pc or Stand Alone mode.
- 4 Mb Stand Alone memory (20 000 to 300 steps capacity)
- RTC (Real Time Clock), for scene triggers by time, date, day, week, month and year.
- 15 contact triggers (external contact closures with 5V DC )
- Infrared triggers (optional remote and IR receiver)
- Master/Slave connection to allow up to 32 interfaces together and synchronize up to 64 DMX universes in stand alone.
- New RS232 triggers. DIN interfaces can now match with any RS232 standard and receive trigger from any RS232 devices.
- New Light sensor to trigger with the light intensity. Scenes can start/stop with the sunset or the sunshine (optional LIGHT sensor).


10-2016 / LP512 with NEXT button

The new LP512 has a new Next button on the rear of the interface. This button can trigger the next scene saved in its memory.
In Stand Alone (without computer), the LP512 can play now up to 256 DMX channels standalone, triggered by infrared, next button and also 4 contacts. The new LP512 also includes 4 contacts located on its circuit board. The 4 external contacts can be extended to 15 contacts.

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