The latest Chromateq software development, Pixxem is designed for LED matrix pixel mapping. Touchscreen interface for easy, accurate, instant control. Intuitive tools for quickly creating custom matrix configurations and pixel resolutions in 2D and 3D. Timeline for synchronizing audio, video and lighting. Adaptable to any size of pixel project, including those with multiple matrix configurations.

Pixxem comes with an extensive library of pre-programmed graphic effects that can be infinitely customized to create stunningly powerful and unique visuals.

Main SOftware Features

  • Windows & MAC OS X compatible (requires Open GL 4.0 or higher)
  • Suitable for all RGB and RGBW LED Fixtures and panels
  • Up to 20×512 DMX outputs (with 10 devices connected)
  • Up to 255 Art-Net & sACN 512-channel universes on Ethernet
  • Up to 130,560 individual channels or 43,350 RGB pixels
  • High DVI resolution output (1280×1024 / 1,310,720 max. pixels)
  • Compatible with Chromateq device model years 2019 and newer


Configure 2D and 3D matrices with ease

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Tools for advanced configurations

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LED strip arrangements follow your imagination

DVI Output:

Output a DVI window with up to 1280x1024 pixels for LED screens and large resolution projects (connected device determines upper limit). Optimized DVI output supports high resolutions and optimal refresh rates for visual effects.

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DMX / Art-Net Signal:

Standard, Multiple and LED Strip matrices can be created easily and quickly in this mode.

Art-Net signal is output from the computer Ethernet network port and carried over local networks (LAN or WLAN).

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3D Matrix

A sophisticated solution for patching advanced 3D configurations. The software manages the 3 dimensions on a single matrix, with easy customization of the pixels on the X and Y axes. All the tools needed to realize stunning 3D projects.

Create endless varieties of matrix configurations with a complete and powerful Patch tool that facilitates deploying DVI, DMX/ArtNet, 3D matrix and LED Strip visual effects and content.

Pixxem offers more than RGB pixel control and easily combines different types of automated and effect lights into an integrated matrix.

Multi Matrix Projects

Combine any pixel quantity, matrix size and configuration in the same project. Each matrix can be placed anywhere in the work space. Visual effects play on the currently selected pixels, even if the selection includes multiple matrices, enabling visualization of the entire project across all zones.

Multiple Profiles

Pixxem easily creates a matrix including a mix of different fixture types, and also allows for custom channel layouts for the same fixture types. The software engine generates the project space from the custom patch, intelligently combining diverse DMX personalities, enabling advanced customized control possibilities.

LED Strip Custom Shapes

Pixxem powerful patch algorithms make easy work of designing custom shapes with LED strips as well as customized matrix shapes. Each pixel can be managed individually or by group selection. LED strips can be placed and reshaped in the project environment.

The patch editor allows pixels to be removed to achieve personalized matrix shapes, for example, turning a square matrix into a triangle or circle.

Multi Pixel Selection

Any type and variety of pixel selections are possible. Group and combine different selections from separate matrices, merging several selections to create a unique pixel selection.

Create endless varieties of matrix configurations with a complete and powerful Patch tool that facilitates deploying DVI, DMX/ArtNet, 3D matrix and LED Strip visual effects and content.

Pixxem offers more than RGB pixel control and easily combines different types of automated and effect lights into an integrated matrix.

Huge Graphic Effects Library

A rich assortment of 500 customizable effects, ranging from small & basic to large & complex. With the ability to combine multiple layers and play any video file format, Pixxem offers an unlimited number of creative possibilities.

Available effects:

Static Colors, Video Files, Animated GIF, Picture Files, Text Editor, Shape Editor and Sequencer, Graphics and Textures, Particles, Moving 3D Objects, 3D Matrix

Multi Layer Effects

Combine multiple effect layers to generate amazing and unique graphic effects. Apply various filter effects (colors, negative, invert, etc.) to layers. Unleash your imagination and creativity without limitation.

Timeline Synchronization

Easily drag and drop audio, video, effects and transitions into the timeline and adjust starting and duration parameters for perfectly accurate synchronization. Create complex media rich shows with an unlimited number of lines. As with all Pixxem windows, the timeline tool can be resized, moved, superimposed and detached from its original position.

Touchscreen interface

Designed with large buttons and icons for direct touch control. Performs multiple actions simultaneously when operating with both hands / multiple fingers.

User configurable control windows can be moved to any location on the screen. Size, position, functions, shortcuts and all main screen elements easily customized for convenient operation.

Trigger Possibilities

Pixxem can controlled by a wide variety of external triggers:

  • MIDI
  • DMX In
  • RS232
  • Keyboard keys
  • Device triggers (buttons, dry contact, infrared)
  • Ethernet commands

Pixxem can also be synchronized with other Chromateq software programs such as Pro DMX, and can play DMX scenes from LED Player and Pro DMX.

DMX Channel Control

Pixxem effects and graphics are based on RGB pixels, but its capabilities extend to controlling dimmer, shutter, focus, zoom and other lighting fixture functions by sending defined DMX values to those fixtures while playing RGB effects.

Sound-to-Light Effects

Whether through a computer microphone or Line In source, Pixxem will process sound intensity or musical beat to generate dynamic sound-to-light visuals from its extensive library of graphic effects.

Shapes, markers & Zones

Tools for programming custom shapes:

  • Import custom shapes
  • Selection tool with custom shapes
  • Define markers to accurately select pixel
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Live Fade Cursor

Fade time between effects is typically determined automatically by the programmed transition duration. Take direct manual control of effect transitions with this feature designed for live performance situations.

Support and Download

Software Brochure

Software description, features and specifications

Instruction Manual

Complete technical documentation (Datasheet)

Product pictures

High-resolution images for commercial use, promotion and marketing

Software Downloads

Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and Raspberry versions and additional support (Fixture Profiles, drivers)


All available commercial files (Brochure, Flyer, Certificate of conformity, poster, wiring schematic by Language EN, FR, CN)

Device Data-sheet

All interface datasheets and complete technical documentation by language (EN,FR, CN)