Remarkably simple:  Designed to be easily learned, even by those with little experience with DMX or professional lighting, LED Player is an intuitive lighting control system that can be mastered within minutes.

Simply powerful:  In addition to its ease-of-use, LED Player is able to program and configure stand alone hardware devices that can run without computers and provide easy-to-operate control solutions for a wide variety of projects.

Main Software Features

  • User-friendly Editor mode to program scenes
  • Effect-generator for Colors (RGB) and Pan/Tilt (X/Y) movement
  • Graphical DMX addressing for 128 DMX Universes via the Patch
  • Complete Profile Editor, with more than 7,000 existing library files
  • Advanced Matrix Editor to allow all LED pixel configurations
  • Save scenes & trigger sequences to Stand Alone device memory
  • Live Board mode with powerful features for live playback and triggers
  • Compatibility with 32/64 bit systems (Windows, Mac Os X, Linux)
  • Free downloadable updates that include latest firmware upgrades
  • Advanced DMX tools (modify DMX signal speed, allocate universes)
  • Remote control of Live Board via the Wi-Light 2 mobile app

Stand Alone

  • Chronological scheduling of scene playback by time & date
  • Timeline graphical display of all calendar-based triggers
  • Allocate output universes and assign channels
  • Set/reset current time & date of standalone device clock
  • Assign triggers to standalone interface panel push buttons
  • Infrared remote and external contact trigger I/O configuration
  • Calendar scheduling by minute, hour, date, weekday and month
  • Default start scene configuration and behavior options
  • Synchronize up to 64 standalone devices in master/slave mode

Chromateq delivers competitively-priced lighting control packages worldwide, shipped from France, China or USA, in any quantities, large or small.

Chromateq solutions are suitable for a wide range of lighting projects, whether permanent installations or live performances, including: entertainment lighting (for DJs, discos, nightclubs, stage shows, theaters, concerts, festivals, event production and rental); architectural lighting (indoor and outdoor, monuments, building façades, residential, commercial and municipal lighting automation); retail and promotional lighting (digital signage, exhibitions and trade fairs, shops and shopping malls, restaurants, bars and venues); countless potential artistic LED installations and creative applications.


  • Visual simulation of RGB (W/A/Y) and Dimmer Intensities
  • Graphical fixture display for easy organization and selection
  • Fixture functions displayed with a list of convenient presets
  • Automatic or manual management of RGB (W/A/Y) values
  • Cross Fade time setting between Programs and Scenes
  • 16-bit and fine DMX channel management
  • F1 to F12 Function key selection of defined fixture groups
  • Channel and Preset modes for simplified fixture control
  • Real time visualization of DMX output on 128 universes.

Live Board

  • Adds live control options via Mouse, Keyboard, DMX IN & MIDI
  • Multiple Program Triggers with latest priority management
  • Plays multiple Program buttons at the same time
  • Customizable graphic layout enables easy touchscreen operation
  • Scenes can start audio files for sound/music playback
  • Shortcut control of Color, Dimmer, Speed, Blackout, Pause
  • Perform live commands via keyboard shortcuts, MIDI and DMX

Studio DMX Compatibility

  • LED Player version 1.5.0 (and later) includes Studio DMX.
  • Windows and Mac compatible realtime 3D viewer/simulator
  • Intuitive user-friendly visualization software
  • Renders beam, spot, wash, laser, LED & many other effects:
    Gobo, double Gobo, gobo Indexing and Rotation
    x10 Prism, Focus, Iris, Zoom, Dimmer, Shutter, Effects
    Colors, RGB, CMY, Frost, Laser beams & dots
  • Automatic truss assembler and stage builder feature
  • Full Mode when connected to any Chromateq device (except LP512)
  • Demo Mode with LP512 connected
  • Demo Mode: maximum 20 objects / 20 fixtures / 192 channels

Support and Download

Software Brochure

Software description, features and specifications

Device Comparison Chart

Table comparing Chromateq interface features by model


Software download page

USB drivers are included in the installation package.

Product pictures

High-resolution Chromateq product images for commercial use, promotion and marketing

Fixture Profiles

Current fixture personality library (collection of fixture profiles included with the latest software release)

Win7 USB Drivers

Old USB drivers for Windows 7
Requires a manual installation